In their own words: a veteran and the agency partner who helped him

These videos were recorded at VetsNet by our staff. We are grateful to these folks for wanting to go on camera and share their very human stories without embellishment. They came to us for help and now, by their words, they will encourage others to visit. Thank you to all of them for giving back in a public way.

Meet Quentin, helped by CVI and VetsNet

Quentin D. and his wife and three-month old son came to us homeless and sleeping in their car. He and his family moved here for his work as an electrician. They’d been living with family, but that arrangement ended and they had no place to go. Through the amazing work of Faye Peters (2018 1st Quarter Star Partner) with the Center for Veterans Issues, Waukesha office, we were able to get them into an apartment, after a short hotel stay. Quentin works every day as an electrician in the construction industry in Milwaukee. Because of the support of many folks like you and partnerships with amazing agencies throughout Wisconsin, we’re able to find the resources to prevent crises in the lives of our veteran clients.

Faye Peters, from our partner agency network, gives 100% to those who connect with her

Center for Veterans Issues is a primary partner and Faye Peters of their Waukesha office is a star partner, with whom we work often to find housing for Veterans. Please give Faye a big thank you for all she does.