A VetsNet Success Story
Jacob: Rags to Riches

We had the pleasure of serving a young Veteran, who was homeless and unemployed. He was becoming use to the way of life which involved camping out on a friend’s couch or sleeping in cheap motels.

This Veteran had several goals: locate as apartment on the East side, find a great roommate to share the responsibilities of rent & utilities, and lastly, pass his ACT test and be accepted to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

VetsNet connected him with DryHootch who assisted with locating an apartment on the East side of Milwaukee, which was furnished by the Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative. Within a month, he not only found a roommate but also a great friend who happens to attend UWM. Last week, the Veteran stopped in to tell us he passed his test and has been accepted to college where he will start as a full-time student in the Fall.

What stands out most to the VetsNet staff is this Veteran never sees the glass as half empty, rain or shine-in the middle of life’s turmoil, he is always smiling and speaks only kind words to others.

When we talked to the Veteran about featuring his story on our Facebook page-he asked if we would title it “Rags to Riches”!