VetsNet Star Partner, Second Quarter 2018

Meet Latoya Marshall, Food Share Assistant for Veterans Outreach for Hunger Task Force. Early this year Latoya approached VetsNet about possibly doing outreach in our facilities to reach veterans who are in need of food assistance and qualifying for Food Share.

She began office hours in our facility in mid first quarter and is pivotal in helping us qualify veterans and their families for food share, as well as provide them information about available food pantries in the areas of their neighborhoods. In addition, through her work all over the city, she has referred veterans to VetsNet who were in need of housing, employment and other services we can assist them in attaining.

Latoya Marshall with VetsNet staff
Latoya Marshall (center, front) with VetsNet staff.

Through her work with Froedtert Medical College of Wisconsin of Wisconsin, she was instrumental in helping us set up monthly health screening events at our facilities, in which senior citizen veterans can be screened for health needs. She’s a tireless advocate for veterans throughout the Milwaukee area and a credit to Hunger Task Force, the great organization she represents.

We salute Hunger Task Force and Latoya for their untiring service to the veteran community.