VetsNet Star Partner, First Quarter 2018

Meet the amazing Faye Peters, case manager at the Waukesha offices of CVI (Center for Veterans Issues)!  In the first two months of this year we turned to Faye for help with housing two young veteran families who were homeless when they came to Vets Net.  Juan and his wife have a 7 year old son, and Quentin and his wife have a 4 month old infant.  When we approached Faye with their cases, she went to work to identify landlords who had apartments open that could accommodate the needs of these two young families.

Faye is absolutely tireless in her work to advocate for veteran needs.  While we were able to secure some temporary housing for them, she worked long hours to find housing, including one day of after hours meeting with one of the veterans so she could complete paperwork necessary for the family’s intake at CVI.  The veteran couldn’t afford to take time off from his work as an electrician, so Faye made the time to meet him after work.

She’s an inspiration to the people around her, and to the entire VetsNet staff, because we all know that, when Faye takes on the assignment, and the veteran is qualified for their services, CVI will soon have them in good housing so they can be stable for the future.

Hats off to Faye Peters; she has few equals in her commitment to veterans and veteran families!