Services for veterans

Tell us about your needs

No list can include everything. We try to be responsive to every need and find creative solutions to every problem, whether it is replacing a water heater for a veterans family or finding a pair of steel-toed boots so a homeless veteran can start a new job. Whatever it is, we’ll try to help.

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Emergency relief

Relief includes food, medical services, suicide prevention or intervention services, or housing for those facing imminent dangers from various situations.

Homelessness services

Rapid rehousing for those who have become homeless; homelessness prevention services for those faced with evictions, foreclosures, etc..

Benefits counseling

Often veterans and/or their families are not aware of the range of benefits available to them as a result of their service, injuries suffered while in service, or services available to spouses and dependents. Our Navigators connect veterans to a host of service providers with resources available to assist veteran(s) and families.

Financial counseling

We currently utilize, three partner agencies to help veterans with budgeting counseling, debt reduction and advising related to other financial needs.

Employment counseling, training, and placement

Through a variety of state, local and private agencies, to assist veterans with finding work, developing resumes, learning interviewing skills and connecting with employers for work opportunities.

Substance abuse

A variety of partners, including the VA and private or nonprofit agencies assist with providing substance abuse counseling, inpatient treatment and therapy to eliminate dependencies on drugs, alcohol, tobacco and other substances.

Mental health

Veterans are connected to government, private and nonprofit agencies for inpatient and outpatient therapy programs to deal with a host of mental health issues including PTSD and other service and non-service related concerns.

Personal and family counseling

Many veterans, especially those returning from conflict zones or high stress assignments may need assistance returning to civilian life; in addition, their families may also need readjustment counseling. We connect Veterans to the VA, WDVA and private/nonprofit partners to assist in making those adjustments.

Legal assistance

Marquette Law School and Legal Aid provides legal advice. In addition, we offer connections to attorneys at other agencies who provide pro bono legal assistance. We also partner with an advocate who works with veterans facing charges being handled through the Veterans Court.

Domestic violence

Our association with agencies like Sojourner Family Peace Center and others is vital in helping veterans and/or their families at risk of harm as a result of domestic violence. The immediate goal is to provide refuge, with intervention and counseling services.

Home repairs

Low-income veteran homeowners who often cannot afford certain repairs or maintenance. We reach out to organizations like Home Depot and various foundations to locate resources to assist with these needs.