Monthly and year-to-date service delivery with numbers - October 2017

A VetsNet Navigator explains our network of collaborating agencies to a veteran in need and begins the process of connecting him to the ones who will help.

VetsNet and its partners provided assistance to 31 veterans and family members during October, bringing the total for this year to 295.

The greatest needs identified during the month were homelessness, homeless prevention, and help wlth utilities. We were successful in identifying 17 private and public organizations to assist with addressing 60 different requests for services.

So far, this year we have worked with 50 organizations, including veteran service organizations, nonprofits, private businesses, and community partners. In October, the largest number of referrals were to:

Our navigators interview the vets and identify the agencies who can meet their needs, eliminating veterans bouncing from one organization to another to try to figure out the system.

Thanks to all of our partners, and to all who donate and support our work. We are helping veterans every day, and for many we are the last resort. Since 2016 we now have helped 702 veterans and their families.