Thanks to our partner agencies, donors and supporters for a great year!

A VetsNet Navigator explains our network of collaborating agencies to a veteran in need and begins the process of connecting him to the ones who will help.
VetsNet and its partners provided assistance to 37 veterans and family members during December, bringing the year's end total for 2017 to 356.

December, 2017, by the numbers

In December, 37 veterans and veteran families were served by our amazing partners. There were 64 distinct needs represented by those 37 veterans and families and we made 96 separate contacts with our partner agencies to find resources to meet those needs. It was an amazing effort by all our partners to help veterans in crisis!

Totals for 2017

For the year, 356 different veterans and families were served, representing 603 distinct needs and 614 contacts with our partner agencies bringing resources to meet those needs. In addition, we were able to begin building new relationships with partners throughout the state of Wisconsin to help us with those needs from Wausau, Rhinelander, Green Bay, Janesville, Madison and other parts of the state.

Looking forward to 2018, our goal is to solidify relationships with an array of partners statewide.