Monthly and year-to-date service delivery with numbers - June 2018

Our navigators interview the vets and identify the agencies who can meet their needs. We are an antidote to veterans bouncing from one organization to another to try to figure out the system.
In the first six months of 2018, we were privileged to serve 256 veterans and veteran families, 43 of them in June. Since our inception, we have worked with slightly over 1,000 veterans and veteran families in crisis to meet their needs through our amazing network of partners!

The 43 veterans served in June represented 72 different service needs and we made 95 different partner connections to meet those needs. In June we worked with 2 veterans who were homeless, including one who, along with his wife, had adopted two of their young grandchildren. They had relocated here to adopt the grandkids but had no place to live when they arrived. In addition, with our partners there were 12 veterans and/or families with whom we worked to prevent homelessness.

In the second quarter, the Department of Workforce Development started keeping regular hours at VetsNet so we could quickly assess veterans who need work and quickly respond with job opportunities. In June alone, 8 veterans were able to find work through our employment partners.

As always, it is gratifying to be able to work through partners across the region and the state to quickly respond to the needs represented by the veteans who come to us for assistance! Without their help and your support, it would not be possible! A huge thanks to our partners and to donors who faithfully support the work we do!