Monthly and year-to-date service delivery with numbers - January and February 2018

Our navigators interview the vets and identify the agencies who can meet their needs. No more veterans bouncing from one organization to another to try to figure out the system.
During January and February, 2018, VetsNet and its partners provided assistance to 82 veterans and veteran families in crisis who presented 117 distinct needs.

Among those we served were two young veteran families with children. Our amazing partners at the Center for Veterans Issues (CVI) were able to work with us, after we were able to arrange temporary hotel accommodations for them, to find permanent housing for those two families.

Our chief sources of referrals were the Milwaukee County Veteran Service Officer, and the VA Regional Hospital. Sixteen of them had heard about VetsNet from other sources and were walk-ins who came in on their own.

Fifteen of the veterans were homeless, including the two mentioned before and were able to connect them with agencies to find housing and then referred them to Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative who were able to provide furnishings for those residences.

In addition, we were able to connect 11 veterans to work opportunities, 31 to services to prevent homelessness and 52 to assistance with gas cards, bus transportation and food.

In February we began a new partnership with Hunger Task Force who have begun to meet with veterans in our offices to assist with Food Share and other resources.

Thanks to all our great partner agencies for being attentive and responsive to the needs of veterans and families in crisis!