Robert W. Baird and Co. volunteers give us a hand this spring!

Employees from Waukesha and Racine branches stepped up

From left: Ben G., Amy T., Julia A., Tamie D., Alex S., Ben K. and Noah C. (Amy and Noah are VetsNet staff)

Thank you!

On May 14, 2018, a team of five volunteers from Baird came to give us a real boost as part of the annual BAIRD GIVES BACK program in which Baird gives their employees a day to volunteer to support nonprofit agencies of their choice. The team consisted of Ben G., Tamie, Alex, Julia and Ben K.

Ben G., Tamie, Alex and Julia spent the afternoon helping to scan files from 2016 as part of our conversion of all our files to electronic version in the implementation of our CRM (Client Relations Management) software. The CRM software allows us to eliminate all the paper files and manage our veteran client cases electronically, allowing faster communication with our partner agencies to meet client needs more quickly and provide more secure storage of client information. It also helps us identify whether a client has been at VetsNet in the past and determine how to best meet new needs presented for help.

Ben K. spent the afternoon painting one of our partner offices as a continuation of our efforts to provide space for partners to meet with our clients on site, eliminating the need to have them travel out to different locations to find help. Ben’s shown here painting the office used by Workforce Development whose staff helps us place unemployed or underemployed veterans in work opportunities.

HATS OFF to Robert W. Baird and Co. for their support of the veteran community and to these Baird employees who gave selflessly in service to those who served!