Rotary Club of Mitchell Field makes a generous donation

Quentin Hatfield, Executive Director VetsNet and Sue Hebner, President of the Rotary Club of Mitchell Field .

Thank you!

The RCMF conducts various fundraising activities throughout the year so they can support all kinds of worthwhile human services and people-focused organizations, both locally and globally. In addition, the members are active as volunteers in all kinds of projects throughout the area that improve the quality of life for the people in our community.

This year, RCMF granted a total of $6200 to nine different organizations, including VetsNet. Among those nine is also a for the aged in Kumbakonam, India! That’s all in addition to the scholarships they provide to deserving students in the communities they serve.

VetsNet executive director Quentin Hatfield said, "These folks are champions, and we are grateful to them for their generous gift give to support those who have served the country."