WaterStone Bank's West Allis community team gives grant

WaterStone Bank's West Allis Community President presented a grant for $1000 to VetsNet in support of general operations for 2018. It follows a generous grant to sponsor VetsNet's technology upgrade and is further evidence of the bank's continuing support of veterans and veteran families.

The community president, Gina Rafenstein, delivered the check, saying, “As part of the continued interest in and support of issues affecting veterans and their families, WaterStone Bank is committed to helping to address those issues through organizations like VetsNet. Our interest is in ensuring that our veterans have appropriate housing, good jobs and stability for themselves and their families for the long term.

"We’ve seen the VetsNet team in action and know that they are solidly committed to the Bank’s vision for service to those who have served our country.”

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Gina Rafenstein, WaterStone Bank's West Allis Community President, with VetsNet Executive Director, Quentin Hatfield

Quentin Hatfield, VetsNet Executive Director, said, "WaterStone Bank is a key partner for VetsNet as we strive to meet needs that confront us on a daily basis with our veteran clients and their families. Knowing that we have solid community partners like WaterStone enables us to work with confidence with our veterans and veteran families to meet a broad range of needs from homelessness to home repairs to job training and placement and a myriad of other needs. We are grateful to Gina and her entire West Allis team for their generosity!”