Founded and run by veterans for veterans

The Wisconsin Veterans Network (VetsNet) is a nonprofit organization staffed by veterans and serveveterans. VetsNet bridges a major gap in the veterans benefit system: identifying and connecting at-risk veterans and veterans in need to the benefits and programs they earned through their service to our country.

Veterans look to VetsNet for help in a number of areas, including: emergency relief, rehousing, benefits counseling, financial counseling, substance abuse assistance, mental health care, legal assistance, relationship counseling, employment counseling, job training and placement.

VetsNet began in early 2016 as a project of the Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative, but in March 2017 was incorporated as an independent nonprofit organization. It is registered with the State of Wisconsin as a charitable organization and has applied to the Internal Revenue Service for recognition as a tax exempt charity. Contributions are tax deductible.

What makes VetsNet unique?

VetsNet reaches out to the most vulnerable veterans – those who are not being served elsewhere in the system – and brings them to the help they desperately need. In this way, VetsNet provides the critical missing link between homeless, elderly and other underserved veterans and the system which is meant to support them.

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VetsNets facilities are designed to allow partners to meet with veterans on site to prevent having to travel to multiple locations for help.

We cut through red tape and go directly to the sources of help

VetsNet staff is singularly positioned to assist veterans navigate the veterans benefits systems. With years of expertise connecting veterans to assistance at the Veterans Administration and other similar agencies, VetsNet staff connects veterans quickly to the best counselors and services.

There are literally hundreds of organizations dedicated to serving veterans. That’s the good news. But it is often confusing and difficult for veterans to navigate the complex benefits system. That’s where VetsNet comes in. We can help guide a veteran through this complex system to access the benefits and services they need fast.

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VetsNet staff, from left: Noah Cole, navigator; Kiana Sanchez, business manager,Norma Mack,reception; Quentin Hatfield, executive director; Amy Thompson, navigator
Any veteran. Anytime. Anywhere in Wisconsin

Unfortunately, there are some veterans who have served our nation proudly, but do not meet a bureaucratic definition of “veteran.” For instance, a member of the national guard must have been deployed a certain number of consecutive days to be eligible for certain benefits. Here at VetsNet, we will not leave a veteran behind. If you have worn the uniform, we will help you.